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Dear Married Group 6 Members:

I would like to inform you that a few members of our Married Group 6 Members have asked me to include their wives in our forum for gender equality. I highly welcomed their ideas because I believe in unity and equality, and I have been against any type of discrimination and inequality.

For that reason, I am requesting all Married Group 6 Members around the world to send the names of their wives through my email address or text message. If you send me the names of your wives as soon as possible, I will be happy to include them in our forum for equal participatlon.


Paulino Mamiir Chol
Former Head Boy of the Minor Group 41 in Kakuma refugee camp
PhD student at Colorado Technical University
Master’s degree in law and policy from the University of Denver
Bachelor of art degree in criminal justice from the University of Colorado
Phone: 719-232-4960
Email: paulinocholl0fi,

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