In Memoir, Former Lost Boy of Sudan Turns Adversity into Opportunity

Paulino Mamiir Chol’s Leading the Lost Boys: The Untold Journey Tells the Story of His Extraordinary Personal Journey from Kidnapping Survivor to Leader

Denver, ColoradoPaulino Mamiir Chol looked death in the eye multiple times, surviving abduction, a 3,000-mile barefoot trek in searing heat across South Sudan, and unspeakable starvation during the Second Sudanese Civil War. His memoir, Leading the Lost Boys: The Untold Journey tells of his extraordinary journey from kidnapping survivor to leader, showing how tragedy can be turned into triumph. 

As a member of the Lost Boys of South Sudan who led over 700 boys across three African countries, from refugee camp to refugee camp, Paulino Mamiir Chol is the only one in a position to tell this story. A testimony to the atrocities happening at that time—the killings and kidnappings committed by radical militias before and during the Second Sudanese Civil War—the book describes how the author had to build the grit, determination, and sheer organizational ability to save lives, and find freedom. In so doing, he also offers hope in the power of the human spirit to overcome trauma and tragedy—especially when we focus on serving others. 

Leading The Lost Boys: The Untold Journey is part of Paulino Chol’s effort to fight the inhuman darkness we are all capable of, and to empower and inspire the hearts of those suffering. 

Chol says, “This book is a form of defense, and I promise to fight against inhumanity and human rights abuses. This fight consolidates my belief, faith, and hope in humanity, and human rights.” 

All proceeds will go to the Mamiir Chol Foundation (MACH), which will provide funds to villagers in Twic County for clean drinking wells, clinics, schools, and community centers. Proceeds will also support organizations working for human rights, homeless children, widowed mothers, disabled people, and to protect women and girls from sexual abuse, exploitation, and gender-based violence.

Leading the Lost Boys: The Untold Journey is available in digital and paperback on Amazon and other major retailers.

Paperback price: $15.99

ISBN: 978-0578326986

About the Author:

Paulino Mamiir Chol is an author and current PhD candidate dedicated to using his experience, expertise, and education to help his current community in the US as well as his East African homeland, South Sudan.   

For decades, despite multiple kidnapping attempts by the radical militias, airborne assaults, and the murder of his friends and family, Mr. Chol rose in the leadership hierarchy and helped over four thousand Lost Boys to come to America.

Mr. Chol has a BA in criminal justice from the University of Colorado and a Master’s Degree in Law and Policy from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Management and Homeland Security at Colorado Technical University. 

He resides in Denver, Colorado.   

You can reach Paulino Chol at and

Phone: 719-232-4960



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