Dear Minor Group 6 Members:

I want to inform you that a few members of our Minor Group 6 have been asking me for our Minor Group 6 to have a kind of an online forum and talk about July 9—Independence Day, how to appreciate our former leaders in Pinyido and Kakuma refugee camps and the issues that have been affecting our members around the world.

Our Minor Group 6 Members who had asked and encouraged me are as follows:

  1. Jacob Atem Mayen in Tennessee
  2. Pastor Daniel Deng Mapur in Iowa
  3. John Ajak Deng in Utah
  4. William Wuoi Pach in Oklahoma
  5. John Mayom Kelei in Iowa
  6. Abraham Lual Diing in Tennessee
  7. David Maluak Diyo in Texas
  8. David Ngor Reng in Australia
  9. Abraham Gai Yol in South Dakota
  10. Daniel Nhial Mach in Texas
  11. Simon Deng Achuek in Pennsylvania
  12. Abraham Atem Deng in Iowa
  13. Kuol Mayom Deng in Kentucky
  14. Lawyer David Malith Ngang in South Sudan
  15. Telar Manyuon Telar in South Sudan
  16. Door Kuol Ayuen in Michigan
  17. David Kuol Anyieth in Texas
  18. Deng Achol in Tennessee
  19. Geu Mayen Arou in Arizona
  20. Garang Ngong Makuol in Tennessee
  21. Deng Tong Deng in Washington State
  22. Nyiel dot Duoi in Iowa
  23. Atem Aiieth Garang in Iowa
  24. Mawut Chol Akoi in Australia
  25. Parach Dot in Oklahoma
  26. Bol Deng Bol in Utah
  27. Awuol Atem Awuol in Washington State
  28. Bol Kon Mach in Florida
  29. Jok Wei Mayom in Oklahoma
  30. Deng Geu Ayii in Kansas City
  31. Jacob Dhieu Deng in Virginia
  32. Joseph Alaak Chol in Illinois
  33. Gabriel Mangar Marol in Virginia
  34. Mathiang Garang Piok in Australia

I have honestly accepted their ideas and suggestions to have the online forum because the conference will allow us to unite.

Therefore, I am requesting all Minor Group 6 Members worldwide to attend the online forum organized by Daniel Nhial Mach, Abraham Gai Yol, and Jacob Dhieu Deng on Sunday, June 20, 2021, at 2:00 pm central time (Father Day).

If you agree to attend the online forum, you can reply to Daniel Nhial Mach, Abraham Gai Yol, and Jacob Dhieu Deng to join the online forum of our Minor Group 6.


Paulino Mamiir Chol
Former Head Boy of the Minor Group 41 in Kakuma refugee camp
Ph.D. student at Colorado Technical University
Master’s degree in law hand policy from the University of Denver
Bachelor of art degree in criminal justice from the University of Colorado
Phone: 719-232-4960

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