Author: Paulino Mamiir

Press Release

In Memoir, Former Lost Boy of Sudan Turns Adversity into Opportunity Paulino Mamiir Chol’s Leading the Lost Boys: The Untold Journey Tells the Story of His Extraordinary Personal Journey from Kidnapping Survivor to Leader Denver, Colorado — Paulino Mamiir Chol looked death in the eye multiple times, surviving abduction, a 3,000-mile barefoot trek in searing […]

Deceased Group 6 Members

Dear Group 6 Members: I want to advise you that a few members of our Group 6 Members have asked me to include the names of our deceased friends in our forum for remembering them. Even if they are not with us, we always remember them in our hearts. I was pleased to hear the […]

Name in full of Group 6 Members around the world

Our Group 6 members continue to encourage and inspire me to collect the names of our members whenever I can. I believe that the collection of the names of our Group 6 members worldwide should be our common duty. Therefore, everyone in group 6 should send me the names that I did not mention on […]

Married Group 6 Members

Dear Married Group 6 Members: I would like to inform you that a few members of our Married Group 6 Members have asked me to include their wives in our forum for gender equality. I highly welcomed their ideas because I believe in unity and equality, and I have been against any type of discrimination […]

Community Engagement (Minor Group 6 Members)

Dear Minor Group 6 Members: I want to inform you that a few members of our Minor Group 6 have been asking me for our Minor Group 6 to have a kind of an online forum and talk about July 9—Independence Day, how to appreciate our former leaders in Pinyido and Kakuma refugee camps and […]